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Some information on the new web functions


NEW - - As from philatelic auction nr.84 of February 23rd, 2013 new functions will be activated on our website including the possibility to follow the auction live from your computer or tablet and to place and raise your bids with just a click.

In order to have access to the new functions you must register by completing this
registration form:

Scheda di Registrazione

Once registered you will be able to:
  • BID THROUGH THE WEBSITE: access the web version of the auction catalogue, log in by typing your user name and password (bottom left of page), choose the chapter of interest (example: TUSCANY). When you intend to bid for one lot click on the green BID sign (next to the lot picture): these bids will be treated as mail bids and will be handled by the auctioneer directly during the auction.

  • NOTIFY YOUR INTEREST: access the web version of the auction catalogue, log in by typing your user name and password (bottom left of page), choose the chapter of interest (example: TUSCANY). In each lot's line, right of the description, you will find the INS box. Since not all lots are called, by clicking on this box you will notify the auctioneer your interest for the lot (no obligation to buy) and the same will be added to the lots which are to be called during the auction. Moreover, the auctioneer, knowing about the interest of an online user, will call the above mentioned lot allowing enough time for the online customer to place his offer directly through the

    Versione Web con pulsante BID

  • TRACE YOUR BIDS and check the results: by bidding through the website once the auction is oer you will be able to check the results in your customer data sheet (still under construction).


    To enter the AUCTION online you simply need to go to the following address:

  • Asta Live

    The window of the ONLINE AUCTION is divided in four sections:

    - on the left you find the lot the auctioneer in currently calling.
    - in the top center section you find the last auctioned lot
    - in the center bottom section you find the next three lots to be auctioned.
    - on the right you find all the lots of the auction catalogue (following the one which is being currently auctioned).

    The operating is very simple. To place your offer or to raise your bid on the lot which is being auctioned you need to click on the green button.

    By ticking the box RICHIEDI BATTITURA in the right section you will request a subsequent lot to be called (no obligation to buy): the lot will then be added to the list of lots to be called and will be auctioned slower in order to allow online customers to place their offers or raise their bids.

    If during the auction the live feature should block, click on the refresh button of your internet browser (or F5 button of your keypad) to reactivate.


Lot nr. 2 free, opening bid (100 euro):

Asta Live

You have clicked and you are currently holding the best offer:

Asta Live

The floor has raised to a 110 euro, by clicking on the green button you raise your bid to 120 euro:

Asta Live

You have clicked and you have won the auction at 120 euro:

Asta Live

If, instead, the floor had raised to 130 euro (and you hadn't raised your bid to 140 euro):

Asta Live

For any additional information please contact Roberto Ghiglione:
Ph. +390102473530 - email: